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Smoking Cessation

Stress and Depression

Smoking Cessation

Nicotine is one of the most powerful addictions to overcome and is said to be more powerful than heroin or cocaine.  Laser Therapy will help free you from the addiction to nicotine without drugs or side effects and a one hour appointment is all that is necessary to quit smoking forever.


Weight Loss

Stress and Depression

Smoking Cessation

Research has shown that stimulating specific energy points can curb the appetite, depress hunger cravings, reduce excess water, stimulate the metabolism to burn off extra calories and correct the internal body imbalances.  Combined with a healthy diet and exercise it not only takes the pounds and excess body fat off, it can have lasting, permanent results, especially if you are diligent with your exercise.


Stress and Depression

Stress and Depression

Stress and Depression

Stress is recognized as one of the major factors affecting health in modern society.  It upsets both mental and physical well-being and every one of us has felt its grasp at one time or another.  Human beings have a wonderful natural system for maintaining balance, and the body is always striving to achieve a state of balance and inner harmony.

You don’t always die from tobacco.

Here’s a very good reason to quit smoking today! 

Just some of the chemicals in your cigarettes

Here are some of the awful chemicals that are in cigarette smoke. Inhaling these chemicals is NOT good for your health or the health of those around you.

Here is an ad paid for by big tobacco companies

Here is an ad that is on TV right now, telling people how big tobacco companies manipulate and add chemicals to cigarettes to make them more addictive and better tasting.  They purposely change the chemical composition to make it more desirable to smoke, and harder to quit.  The government of the United States has forced these tobacco companies to produce these ads under a court order.

Here is another new anti smoking commercial.

This is another new commercial that has been paid for and produced by big tobacco companies, under a court order by the government of the United States.

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