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Smoking Cessation

Nicotine is one of the most powerful addictions to overcome and is said to be more powerful than heroin or cocaine.  Laser Therapy will help free you from the addiction to nicotine without drugs or side effects and a one hour appointment is all that is necessary to quit smoking forever.  If you need additional support a free booster is available to you up to 8 weeks following the treatment.  This treatment replaces your physical dependence on nicotine and alleviates your cravings, anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms so you can quit smoking easily.  If weight gain is a concern, you can request additional points to suppress your appetite and cravings for food.

How does nicotine differ from other stimulant use?

Tobacco is an almost exclusive source of nicotine.  When tobacco is used the nicotine, carbon monoxide and other constituents of the tar damage the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  Smoking greatly increases the incidence of heart attack, stroke, lung cancer and chronic lung disease.  Environment smoke is also a risk factor for the development of these diseases in non-smokers.  There is a strong link between smoking and pancreas, kidney and urinary bladder cancers.  Deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, asthma and emphysema are attributed to smoking.

The risk of most of these smoking related cancers can drop to almost the same rate as someone who has never smoked after only 1 year of quitting smoking.  In addition to saving alot of money, you will save your health for your loved ones.

Weight Loss

Life Laser assists in achieving weight and inch loss in several ways.

Research has shown that stimulating specific energy points can curb the appetite, depress hunger cravings, reduce excess water, stimulate the metabolism to burn off extra calories and correct the internal body imbalances.  Combined with a healthy diet and mild exercise it not only takes the pounds and excess body fat off, it can have lasting, permanent results, especially if you are diligent with your exercise.

 Real, permanent change requires a little common sense and a fair amount of discipline and patience.  You know the weight didn't come on overnight and you also know you're not going to lose it overnight.  The following healthy eating information and weight loss secrets are only good if you take them and your health seriously.

Laser Therapy has shown to produce the following beneficial effects: 

Stimulates the metabolic rate allowing people to burn off weight.

Decreases appetite.

Suppresses your hunger cravings.

Decreases body fat.

Stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the body's feel good chemicals.  Endorphins have a calming effect and help to reduce cravings for high carbohydrate foods.

The average weight loss is a safe 2 - 4 pounds per week or 12 - 16 pounds per month.  Many clients begin to lose inches before the weight and they notice the difference in their clothes! 

If you are looking for a miracle or safe and effective diet pill or a magic wand to help you lose weight and inches, we have some bad news for you.  Those things don't exist and they likely never will.

If you're overweight, you really only have a couple of options!  You have to accept the way you are or, you must learn how to lose weight.  Certainly, losing weight can be difficult.  However, the more you know about weight loss the easier your task becomes.  It is possible to lose weight without exercising, but exercise will greatly accelerate your weight loss progress.

Life Laser Technicians are here to help you obtain your goal!

Stress and Depression

Stress is recognized as one of the major factors affecting health in modern society.  It upsets both mental and physical well-being and every one of us has felt its grasp at one time or another.  Human beings have a wonderful natural system for maintaining balance, and the body is always striving to achieve a state of balance and inner harmony.  But this balancing, adaptive energy is tested by stress, and is constantly being challenged.  The increasing pace of modern life, the complexity of many professions, juggling the demands of work and family changes and strains in relationships all place considerable burdens on natural stress-management systems.

Stress is a normal part of life; in fact, a certain amount of stress will do you no harm and is actually essential to motivation and personal development.  Some people seem to be able to thrive on it, yet for others the pressure can become too much.  The cumulative impact of events sometimes means that, eventually, you cannot go on coping and your body takes the strain.

You can't always avoid stress, but there are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself cope better when life presents a challenge.

Laser therapy releases endorphins, which are the bodies natural feel good chemical, and gives you a lift, a better state of mind.  Some people find having this treatment once a month gives them the boost they need to cope with life's many hurdles.  For more about Stress and Depression talk to our technicians.

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism is a big medical and social problem.  The long term effects of alcohol on the body are serious for heavy or chronic users of alcohol.  Alcohol affects the brain and nervous system, which control behavior and body functions, as well as the pancreas and liver.  No body system is left untouched by the effects of chronic alcohol use.  Irregular heartbeats, polyneuropathy causing tingling and numbness, and stomach pain from inflammation of the stomach lining are not uncommon.  Impotence is typical.  Alcohol also affects the immune system and hinders resistance to disease.  The underlying causes of alcoholism are not fully understood.  It is well known that an inability to deal with an emotional problem is often a trigger, since alcoholism is more likely to begin at emotionally difficult periods of life.

Long term drinkers often experience withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, anxiety, feelings of emptiness, or even paroxysmal attacks of trembling, sweating, illusion, or convulsion when they suddenly stop drinking.  Laser therapy has been shown to be effective for relieving these symptoms.  Usual treatment is done once a day for 5 days.  Three courses may be needed.

Continue any counseling you were doing prior to Laser  [Laser therapy can help you with drug, alcohol and nicotine addiction.] Therapy.  Continued support such as AA is always beneficial.

Drug Addiction

Drug withdrawal refers to the physiological and psychological process of overcoming addiction to drugs such as heroin or other narcotics, barbiturates or amphetamines by complete cessation of use.  It has been shown that laser therapy can alleviate both the physical symptoms and psychological craving present during the withdrawal process.

Through the laser therapy, usually, the patients will feel less drowsy, more interested in their surroundings and quickly regain interest in conversation.  Appetite and bowel function will be improved.  In addition, lacrimation, running nose, wheezing, stomach cramps and feelings of aching bones and cold will usually disappear after 10 to 15 minutes of treatment.  The physical dependence on the abusive substance will be relieved.  The treatment takes about 45 minutes and focuses on approximately 40 energy points.

Only one treatment is necessary but a booster is highly recommended.  Laser therapy is not a quick fix but it will help to relieve the discomfort of kicking the habit while restoring the body's energy.

 Please continue with any previous counseling you were doing prior to this therapy.  Continued support is always a good thing.