After 40 years of smoking I tried laser treatment and it worked great. I feel a lot better and I am able to sleep better at night and no more expensive smokes to buy! "


I would definitely recommend this laser treatment for anyone struggling to quit smoking! I have been a non-smoker for 6 weeks thanks to Elaine and Dave! I did go for the booster just for a little pick up, and I feel great. You will have more energy and food will taste great again! Oh ya and no more smelling like an ashtray!!! If you are wanting to quit smoking go with the laser treatment!


I found the laser to be a much easier way to quit smoking!  I have tried the patches and gum before this and they didn't work.  Call Elaine and Dave for an easy way to quit smoking!


I was a smoker for 30+ years, once I decided to quit for my own health, I went for treatment at Life Laser who made one of the hardest things to do in life so much easier.  After an hour treatment I felt so good. My chest felt so light, I breathed better, slept better and I feel my quality of life getting better.  Thank you Life Laser!

Myra and Cindy

“We've been long-time smokers (50 years and 35 years), and finally  made the commitment to quit.  Well, Life Laser was the answer folks!  We admit to being skeptics, but now are strong believers in this therapy.  Elaine and Dave are awesome, as we were hesitant at first, but it was painless and to top it all off the results speak for themselves.  We highly recommend Life Laser to anyone wanting/needing to quit smoking.  Thanks so much!"


 " I found out about Life Laser through Facebook 2 months ago.  I was skeptical at first, but I made the 2 hour drive from Brooks to Hanna for the laser treatment to quit smoking.  I haven't regretted it since.  It was an extremely comfortable and welcoming environment, and very professional.  I would recommend this treatment 100% to anyone who wants to better their lives by quitting smoking."  


Hi guys!

I had laser done to quit smoking. I just wanted to tell you that I AM STILL QUIT! Haven't touched a smoke in 38 days!!! I don't know how it has happened, or what you did, but I really don't care. Going into the appointment, I didn't really expect to be quit forever. I thought I'd give it a try and if I stayed quit for a month then it was worth it, cost wise. I tell everyone that you are magic, because I am still totally jealous of the smokers standing outside the arena in the freezing cold smoking away, but for some reason I just don't go buy a pack and start again. And I will NEVER start again. I've made it this far, there's no going back :) SO THANK YOU!!!!!! I have told everyone I know about you, so be prepared for an influx of calls :) :)

Roger and Shelley

We have both been smoking for a long time, and have tried almost everything else to quit. Laser Therapy was by far the easiest way to quit smoking. Dave and Elaine are very easy to work with. 


I’ve had a great experience using laser treatment to quit smoking. The treatment itself is a relaxing experience. I find that my cravings go down so much making quitting much easier than anything else I have tried. The whole experience is one I would recommend to anyone and have recommended to many.


I believe that laser therapy really helped me quit smoking, and I wasn’t even grumpy about it. It really helped to reduce the cravings I had.


I found it very easy to quit smoking with laser therapy. This made the cravings less frequent and less intense. Make sure to do the detox kit, it really helps.


Quitting smoking is not easy, but Life Laser’s treatment has made it MUCH easier. It has taken the physical cravings away, which has always been why I’ve never successfully quit in the past. I’ve been smoke free for seven weeks now, I’ve never achieved these results with any other smoking cessation aids or methods. This is definitely worth a try if you are struggling to quit. 


Elaine and Dave. I just want to thank you's for the laser treatment I received. I feel fantastic. When I came to you's yes I wanted to quit smoking but was not sure about this laser. Well it has been amazing!! First I did expect that the need for a smoke would not be there. Yes I would still like one but don't need it. Even though you told me to get rid of smokes and ashtrays I had, I did not get rid of everything associated with smoking, I thought that if I was serious about this it will happen. So I still have 1 smoke in a pack and still have my ashtray outside on deck that I walk by everyday. Does not bother me. I would recommend anyone who had thought about giving up smoking go for laser, as long as you are serious about it,it is amazing. You don't suffer the withdrawals and anxiety as you would otherwise. I've been smoking 41 years plus and did it. You Can Too.......


Tried everything to quit sjoking, the patch,the gum and lozenges, or the inhaler. Nothing seemed to take the edge off or calm the cravings. Did one treatment with laser therapy and honestly was ready to quit. Left the building feeling about 80% but cravings were cut down significantly and I decided I was going to give this my best effort. The first week i went through withdrawals. But after that I felt great and knew I had kicked the habit. I had gone longer than ever before.  It’s been almost 2 months now and I feel great! I highly recommend giving this a try. I was smoking up to a pack a day and I quit immediately after no slips. I’m really glad I gave this a go and i know I will be done with cigarettes forever!


I used life laser on Jan 20 2018 and have never felt better . Both Elaine an Dave are professional in their field , take the time to help you understand and offer tools to help you succeed to become a non smoker . I was a heavy smoker started many years ago . I tried to quit cold turkey , pills , patch nothing worked. I did not even need any boosters which they offer . I have referred others to them and they have succeeded as well . Thanks life laser for giving me my life back !♥️🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭


I was thrilled to have  the quit  smoking and  appetite control done by laser through  dave and elaine! They are working,  no cigarettes and  appetite  has decreased.  I would  recommend this to everyone,  very satisfied  customer!  


I have quit for 2.5 years with the help of life laser,  Elaine and Dave!  I have not touched a cigarette since leaving my treatment!    That being said.. it does also take willingness and willpower.    Thank you Elaine and Dave!


Life Laser is the greatest choice I've ever made to quit smoking !  

I have no anxiety, no stress, no moodiness and best of all I have NO craving to smoke !!!  I feel better too and it's great to wake up without coughing or feeling so heavy in my chest. 

It's like I never smoked at all ever in my life !!!

Thank you so much !!!!


Hi guys ! I wanted to send you a message just to say hi and that I am still smoke free from September 15 2017. While doing some cleaning I came across the booklet you give out with help with the quitting process. It made me think of you and want to thank you for helping me. I didn’t think it was possible for me to ever quit and I have no desire what so ever to ever smoke again. Hope you are well and take care.


I have been a smoker for 24yrs and tried  many different things to quit. I believe the laser really helped with the cravings and gave me the edge to quit. Thanks Elaine and Dave you guys are awesome. I will recommend you to everyone.


I have been a smoker for 30+ years and have tried everything on the market to quit and I am three weeks in and it is the best decision I have made. You don't have the cravings!  It literally is like you never smoked😍. When you walk out you will be a NON SMOKER!  You won't be disappointed😀”.


I would like to personally thank Life Laser for equipping me with the tools to quit smoking. With their help I was able to overcome 20 years of smoking. What these people do truly does change your life for the better. I can’t thank them enough for helping me kick the habit that dictated so much of my life. Smoke? I don’t do that anymore!